Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Week Seven - My Body is Changing

When was the last time you remember walking past a window and you caught a reflection of yourself in the glass?   What did you think?  Not too long ago I remember thinking, "Wow, I'm looking really fat!" 

I have been paying attention to the reflections lately. 
As I pass the front windows walking into work and also in the freezer aisle of the grocery store I can see my reflection.  This week I found myself thinking, "I'm looking better.  My stomach does not look as round.  Yay!"

Time passes really quickly, as we all know. And my progress has really amazed me in a relatively short period of time. Every single week something is changing in my body and I can see and feel it.

Week one I lost 4 lbs. - It felt good to see the scale go down.

Week two,  Just 1 more pound down,  but I was still determined to focus and make changes.  I noticed I was leaving the table not feeling stuffed.  I was still taking too many liberties with my choices and I wanted faster results.  So I focused on paying closer attention.
Week three, down 2 more pounds.  I'm choosing far fewer adult beverages.  I am making better food choices.  This week I noticed that my nice shorts are much more comfortable.  I remember thinking, I must have lost a full inch in my waist.
Week four -  My scale is down 9 pounds in four weeks,  I'm starting to really feel it in my clothes now.  My routines are getting a little easier.  I'm not fighting hunger and food cravings like I was before. 
Week five -  A Labor day party.  It's easy to get derailed.  I reminded myself that I've got this.  Keep going, don't give up.
Week six -  I got into a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in years.  And a favorite top is not puckering at the buttons.  I am getting into my old favorite clothes again.  I have so many sizes in my closet.  With every smaller size, I have cuter and better fitting choices.  Now I am really starting to get excited.
Week seven - This week!  I am now down 13.5 pounds.  I hop on the scale every morning, and more times than not it is again 1/2 pound down .  I tell myself that if I don't eat or drink this thing I'm craving, that the scale WILL go down tomorrow.  It is my motivation.  I think my face looks thinner too.  I did see a picture of myself this week that I didn't like, which only reminded me that I am not where I want to be.  Keep going!

My favorite dinner this week, (I had it twice) was 1 piece of 5 oz. Sole rolled with scallops & crabmeat stuffing, with some Santa Fe Style vegetables. Of course we sell it at Harter House. (Republic Road for sure)  I found the nutritional info for the sole and was actually surprised at the calorie count.  It is really rich and delicious.
Serving 1 piece -  Calories 250.  Calories from fat 110.
Total fat 12g,- Carbs 20g - Protein 16g

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is finding out what motivates you.I want to look good in fashionable clothes.

Don't think of this time as taking stuff away.  Rather, we are adding new and healthy habits that will enhance our life and make us healthier and stronger.

I will continue to recite daily positive affirmations.  It may seem corny, but I know it works. "I can do this!"

So remember:  You're a winner, and nothing is impossible.


  1. A couple meals of fish really helped the week seven amount of weight lost. You are really headed in the right direction. Very proud of the determination I know you possess. Love,