Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Kehe Summer Selling Show 2012

At Harter House and Harter House World Flavors we have a Distributing Company for Specialty products that we love doing business with. Kehe Food Distributers represents originally over 800 companies, but then recently acquired or merged with Tree of Life, another distributor representing over 600 additional companies, dedicated to the success of natural food retailers.

Needless to say, when Kehe puts on a food show, they represent a LOT of small businesses with products produced by a small family business, all the way to companies representing products of Argentina. My mother and I are especially drawn to all the new healthy products that we've found.

So now, I've just returned from Dallas and, as usual, Kehe put on a wonderful show of products.

Representing Harter House this year at The Kehe Summer Selling Show 2012, was my mother, Barbara Bettlach, store owner, my sister, Kathy Richards, another store owner, Jessie Legan, a manager at our Eastgate location, and me, Michele Kauffman.

Tuesday morning, after Breakfast, which was provided by Kehe, the Show Room opened at 9:00 am and we walked the huge area with booths numbered up to 1500, until 4:00 pm without taking any breaks.

We were joined by our Kehe Sales Rep, Ed Kitterman, who stayed with us the entire day and had previously purchased great food show buys on products we already carry. At Harter House World Flavors, located at 1500 E. Republic Road, the entire area, excluding our wine and spirits, is all products from Kehe Foods. And our store at 1625 S. Eastgate has as many or more Kehe products.

One Customer asked me to look for Wine Jelly, which I love also, and within two weeks now we will have ALMA SOL WINE*JELLY of CHILE. YUM!

A new and unique way to accompany meat, fish, seafood, cheeses, poultry, biscuits, sauces, vegetables, breads, etc.

What was interesting to me was how often I would say, "Ed, look at this", and he would answer, "We already have that". So my next few blogs will feature some newer items that we already have that you may not have ever noticed. Then as the new items arrive, I will tell you everything wonderful about them.

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