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Dorot - Fresh Frozen Spices

Another new item, just arrived at Harter House World Flavors.
Dorot Fresh Frozen Spices
Simply the best! It's so delicious, simply because it's fresh. So simple, so natural, so tasty… All Dorot products are chopped and frozen while still fresh and juicy, thus keeping their natural odor and taste.

Fresh and Healthy
• No preservatives
• No cholesterol
• No trans fat acids
• No food coloring

Fresh and Available
• Long Shelf Life—stays fresh up to 24 months in any home freezer.
• Exactly the right amount—no need to buy a whole herb wreath for a few leaves.
• Always available— summer, winter, fall or spring.
• Immediate—enabling spontaneous cooking, without pre-planning and shopping lists.
• All products are available at all Kosher levels.

Fresh and Easy to Use

• Just pop out a cube—and return the tray to the freezer.
• Measured amount—so you know exactly how much you've used.
• Easy to store—packages can be piled up, even in freezer door.

Fresh and Effective

• Nothing to cut, chop or crush.
• Hands stay clean of odors.
• Kitchen stays nice and tidy.

Dorot Chopped Cilantro
Dorot's cilantro is picked and chopped while still fresh, so that you may find it, fresh and tasty, in the freezer at Harter House World Flavors. Just pop it out and enjoy the taste…

Quick & Delicious
How would you enjoy the best herb omlette in no time?
Mix an egg with 2 cilantro 1 parsley cube, 1 dill cube, salt & pepper, fry and… enjoy!
Cilantro is one of the basic ingredients of the Middle East and the Mexican cuisines. It's strong flavor can easily be used as a background to many food items we eat, without even realizing it: bread, different liquors, sweets, pickles and more. It's there, contributing its unique taste, blending in without attracting too much attention, but crucial to the bottom line…
Great in the Kitchen
• Cilantro is great for seasoning salads and fish…
• Mexican salsa will never be the same without it.
• Indian cuisine uses cilantro very frequently.
Health Facts
• Cilantro is known as appetizing.
• It has a soothing effect – which may help in cases of muscle aches, stomach aches and headaches.
• After a heavy meal, cilantro can help the digestive system.
• It is a well known fact the cilantro seeds are an important ingredient in love and passion potions…
• Chinese believe that cilantro gives whoever eats it immortality.
• Cilantro in known to have a quality of healing and protection.

Dorot Crushed Ginger

Quick & Delicious

How could you drink a great thirst-quenching drink in no time?
Add 1 ginger cube and 1 lemon cube to you tea and…enjoy!
* This tea is wonderful hot in winter, and excellent cold in summer…
Ginger in known as that unique pungent taste typical to Asian food, but when cooked for longer periods of time, as in the European cuisine, the ginger changes its taste and can be found in many kinds of cakes, cookies, pudding and… yes, even in beer.
Great in the Kitchen• Baked chicken with ginger and honey can be an excellent culinary experience.
• One ginger cube with hot water can do wonders for a tummy ache.
• There is no Chinese dish that won't be upgraded by one or two ginger cubes.
Health Facts
• Known for having a soothing effect on the digestive system.
• Great for nausea relief.
• Used in Chinese medicine to enhance sweating.

Dorot Chopped Basil
Basil is its taste better than its beauty, or vice versa? No one can decide… But one thing is definite: in your garden it can spread and become a big and impressive bush with small purple flowers and an amazing aroma. And in the kitchen – basil is simply the king of herbs! You can add it to almost anything you're cooking: soups, fish, casseroles, pasta and even excellent basil ice cream!

Great in the Kitchen• First and foremost, of course, pesto sauce!
• Anything that goes into the oven – chicken, meat, fish, or vegetables – has a lot to gain from some basil.
• Any casserole dish, simmering slowly, will get an aromatic delicious flavor with an addition of basil…
Health Facts• A cup of tea with basil after a big meal will help the digestion process.
• Same cup at the end of a stressful day will help you wind down and relax.
• An extract of basil with ginger and honey will ease the respiratory system's function.
Folklore• In India, basil is sacred, and will grant you entrance to heaven if you're buried with it…
• People in ancient Rome believed that eating basil will protect them from the dragon Bazilik, which basil is named after.
• In Italy, basil is a symbol of love…

Dorot Crushed Garlic

Quick & Delicious

How would you enjoy the best tahini in no time?
Add 2 crushed garlic cubes and 1 frozen lemon cube to your tahini, mix and… enjoy!
Some people love it, swear by it, and simply refuse to cook anything without it, while others hold their nose, stay away, and call it names… but it is simply impossible to stay indifferent to garlic!
Great in the Kitchen• For cold sauces for salads, or hot sauces for pasta or casserole dishes.
• Great addition to baked potatoes or yams.
• Adds a marvelous taste and aroma to meat, chicken and vegetable dishes.
Health Facts
• Garlic was defined as one of the five most health contributing foods.
• It is considered "the antibiotics of nature".
• Helps ease infections and inflammations.

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