Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Harter House Family

At Harter House, our employees are part of our family. So it's always sad when our family members move on to something new in their life. Gary Patton is retiring after working 11 years for Harter House, at 1500 E. Republic Road. Gary has over 44 years working in the grocery business. His expertise has always been produce, but Gary really did it all. He has been a "right-arm" for both Dale, our store manage and Mike, our grocery manager.
Gary intends to spend his time working on his farm. But don't feel too sorry for him, he has an air-conditioned tractor. And Gary is already planning his part-time return to Harter House in the fall, because he knows he will miss TOO MUCH!!
We wish you the very best, Gary. It will take two people to replace you!

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